Batstar Guides

Since 1999 Batstar has taken thousands of people to beautiful locations on the West Coast of Vancouver Island and other remote British Columbia islands. At the core of our guest experience is our guides and their ability to deliver amazing experiences in all types of situations. Our guides, whether it’s the owner or our newest employee understand that the time we have with you is your most valuable… your vacation time. While we might have seen thousands of eagles and hundreds of whales, we know that for most of you, it’s your first time, or that it’s a rare occurrence. We cherish those moments and seek them out for you.

Each guest has their own expectations and desires and we try and get that information from you as soon as possible so we can take the extra time to make sure you see more plants, intertidal life, First Nations sites, or time with your loved one looking at the open ocean making memories. We encourage guests to use our library of field guides and history books when you want more detailed information about something that interests you.

With our experience, systems and lists, we really try to make our guides’ pre and post trip experience easy to understand and execute. If gear needs fixing or replacing, they let us know right away and the problem is solved. This attention to detail helps our guides save energy so that they can be at top form when in the field. Guides check in with us every day. Sometimes it is a quick location check or a message or call. They know they have a team supporting them and our guests.