Who Can Go?

With each group on the water limited to a maximum of 10 guests with 2 guides, we are small group specialists*.

We have taken out families, groups of friends, corporate groups and single kayakers. Most of our new guests have never been in a sea kayak and it is rewarding to see people get in touch with the rhythms of nature. Watching people react to an environment that is typically much different from their regular one makes our job very enjoyable. The whole notion of confronting the unknown or the out of the ordinary tends to make people quickly forget the outside world and quickly unwind once they get comfortable in their new environment. This is where our guides make your trip extraordinary. The sooner you get comfortable, the faster you will start to explore this rich and diverse land & seascape.

*We can take out two groups of 10 to the Deer Group. We camp on the same island but we paddle in two or more smaller groups.

If there is one common feature of a Batstar guest it would be their reaction to the physical beauty of the West Coast. The mixture of ocean, islands in a backdrop of the Vancouver Island and/or Coastal mountain range presents an ever changing canvas. It is a dynamic area, where open ocean meets land and the tides, waves and swell have a pervasive, persuasive rhythm. Most people like it—a lot.

Ages 12 and up for the Deer Group Islands. Children 15 and under must be escorted by at least one adult. 16, 17 & 18 year olds can come unsupervised with their parents’ consent. Some trips have age restrictions.

Skill Level
The Deer Group Islands are a destination that we take beginners to but do not recommend them for families with children under 12 as this area is more exposed to the open Pacific Ocean. As people get comfortable on the water in the kayaks, we’ll travel around the exposed outer islands, experience some swell and look at the winter storm ravaged coastline.

Note: The distance to the island that we base camp on in the Deer Group Islands is much shorter than paddling into the Broken Group Islands from Secret Beach.


Some of our guests are allergic to peanuts, fish, shellfish, etc. and we have been able to easily adjust our menu. Very little of our menu is comprised of packaged goods, typically just the salty snacks & granola bars, etc. All of our fruit and vegetables are fresh and whenever possible, organically grown on local farms. Our desserts are centered around fruit and some baking!

You do not need to train to go sea kayaking but as with any activity, you will enjoy it more if you are moderately fit. If you plan a fitness program and have not been active for a while, consult your physician. There are some kayak specific exercises which a good personal trainer can show you. Contact your local fitness club.

Custom Invitation Packages
Batstar will also provide groups booking entire tours with a custom invitation package for your prospective guests. 25 colour invitations with your logo/message on designer paper including RSVP envelopes and reply cards will be sent to you within 2 weeks of Batstar receiving your EPS corporate logo via e-mail.

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