Food & Nutrition

One of the best features of sea kayaking is the amount of food – especially fresh fruit and vegetables – that we can take on our expeditions. While we are kayaking, we prepare all of our meals from scratch using locally grown (Port Alberni) organic produce whenever possible. Our guides are connoisseurs of table delicacies and take great pleasure and pride in setting the menu and preparing each meal or snack. We keep a clean and hygienic kitchen.

We fortify each morning with juice, tea and freshly roasted premium coffee. We bring real cream! Lunch is usually an impromptu event on one of the many islands we visit. Dinner is a relaxed and social affair. Chances are you’ll be eating on a sandy beach, sitting in the chairs that we provide with driftwood, cedars and hemlock providing the ambiance for noshing, conversing and marveling at the stunning views.

In inclement weather we’ll eat under a large group tarp or two and listen to the pitter patter of the rain.

If our guests catch fish, we can creatively season it from our well provisioned pantry.

We can easily accommodate guests who have special food requirements, whether it is a food allergy, intolerance or preference. There are questions on our medical form where guests can indicate their special food situation. Before the trip, guests will contacted to discuss the menu that we have planned. Alterations to the menu can be made before the trip. We have experience preparing two or three menus depending on the food requirements of the group.

We get most of our food from local organic farmers. We really notice the how much better our produce lasts on our long trips. As the year progresses, we add seasonal fruit and produce into our menu.

One thing that we know about food and kids is that we have to make sure that food is served regularly. While we are known for our gourmet food, we know that kids typically don’t care about the art of food, they just want something yummy and lots of it. We discuss our menu with parents well before a trip to find what their kids like. Sometimes our regular menu is fine but we’ll supplement our menu based on our pre-trip conversation with parents.

Guests can bring wine and spirits on our trips but we do not allow consumption until after our days paddling is done. Batstar guests are always conscientious about their alcohol consumption and are respectful of the environment, other guests, other kayakers and the guides. We bring back empties back with us.