Deer Group Islands – Weekend

  • Map showing the Deer Group Islands Map showing the Deer Group Islands
  • Sea Grass in the Deer Group Islands Sea Grass in the Deer Group Islands
Sharing Barkley Sound with its more famous sea kayaking destination, the Broken Group Islands, the Deer Group is a gorgeous island archipelago that offers its own unique sirens call for sea kayakers. This area is known for its sea caves and sea stacks – sculpted by pounding winter waves over the centuries. We have partnered with the Huu-ay-aht First Nation in Bamfield to use their ancient village site on Diana Island as our private base camp while we are there. This sacred spot features two huge beaches, a huge intertidal zone in front of the camp and a First Nations canoe run where we bring our kayaks onto shore.

There is exposure to the open Pacific Ocean in Imperial Eagle Channel and if the sea state is proves negates paddlers, there is protection on the lee of the Deer Group Islands. Our guides will help you explore this area, rich in history and visually so appealing. It is a great destination for people who have paddled in the Broken Group Islands or more protected waters and want to take the next step up in your progression as a sea kayaker. It is also suitable for novices and kids 12 and older. We take kids 5 and older in the Broken Group Islands. We can also take groups of 20 out in the Deer Group Islands – in two groups of 10 on the water.

We paddle out from cozy west coast village of Bamfield and into the islands that form the Deer Group.  In standard paddling conditions, there are not any major crossing and each day we discover  area usually from a base camp. This gives us more time to explore and for our guests to relax and rejuvenate at the end of the paddling day with appetizers and beverages while the guides prepare another fresh dinner.

The area that we paddle in is the traditional territory of the Huu-ay-aht First Nation Band from Bamfield. The new Huu-ay-aht administration building is beautiful, with a view that is simply amazing. The Huu-ay-aht are entering a new era as their treaty with the Province of British Columbia is now in effect. Other British Columbia First Nation Bands will look to Huu-ay-aht leadership and the outcomes from the Maa-Nulth treaty as other Bands negotiate theirs.