Broken Group Islands Weekend

This trip is identical to our weeklong trip, except it is one day shorter. We really believe from experience that any sea kayaking trip shorter than 3 nights camping is not enough to get the real benefits of our trips, which is to relax, learn and rejuvenate.

The Broken Group Islands is the best sea kayaking destination for novices as there is so much protection from the multitude of large and small islands in a relatively small geographic area. This is a great first trip or a trip with children. More experienced paddlers enjoy this area as there is so much to see and do, and there is exposure to the open Pacific Ocean. However, the ocean currents are negligible and there are no surf landings at the campsites. We’ve had many guests return to the Broken Group Islands with us, some as many as a dozen times.

The wildlife is truly amazing – sea lions, grey whales, humpback whales, porpoises, dolphins and seals can be found here. There is lots of evidence of First Nations and post contact habitation and we help our guests get a feel for what this area must have been like 100 or 1000 years ago. The Tseshaht First Nation calls the Broken Group Islands the birthplace of their people and many of the other Nul-Chah-Nulth tribes that ring Barkley Sound also used this area.

We tend to camp on one island in the middle of the Broken Group and then day trip around the Park. This gives you more time to explore and enjoy relaxing in nature. Camping on a central island like Dodd or Willis allows the best opportunity to see all of the Broken Group Islands. With so much protection from the open Pacific Ocean, we can explore the inner islands if it is windy on the outside of the Park.

We usually have a long day followed by a short day during the trip. Guests can hang out by the fire longer knowing that the next day is shorter. Our guides get weather updates several times a day and will alter our trip plan depending on the weather forecast and their experience. We always like to get to the outside of the Broken Group Islands so guests can see the effects landscape from the winter storms. If we know the weather is deteriorating over the course of the week we’ll try to achieve this objective earlier rather than later in the week.

All of the campsites in the Broken Group Islands have well maintained composting toilets. We carry in all of our drinking and cooking water.