Plants and Animals

You’re immersed in Nature when you’re on a Batstar trip. In BC, we camp in the Pacific Temperate Rainforest and it is a diverse and dynamic environment. Everything is verdant and lush and you feel like you’re part of the environment, not simply an observer.

At Batstar, our philosophy is to let wildlife encounters happen spontaneously… we don’t go chasing whales all day. However, we alway try put our guests in the best position to see marine life by knowing the habitat they prefer and then seeing if we can encounter them there.

There is lots of bird life with Bald Eagles being extremely common. Each bird species has a specific niche in landscape and you’ll how birds employ a wide variety of strategies to live and thrive on the coast.

Perhaps most interesting is the life that occurs in the tide pools in the intertidal zone. The plant and animals here are fascinating, like a mini cosmos that most of us are unaware of.

While our guides can answer most questions about the natural environment on the West Coast, we always carry field guides should they get stumped or you simply wish more detailed information about what you are seeing.

An interesting and important fact is that there are very few mosquitos and other biting bugs on Vancouver Island. Rarely do guests have to use bug repellent. This is an especially appreciated aspect of our trips.